Loomis is a beautiful town known for its rural charm, schools, and tight-knit community. Debbie Austin, the top realtor in Loomis, offers unmatched expertise in helping clients find their dream homes in this beautiful area. Debbie Austin ensures a seamless and successful real estate experience with a selection of stunning homes in Loomis. Explore the serene lifestyle Loomis has to offer with Debbie Austin Realty.

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Real Estate

Loomis boasts scenic landscapes, a welcoming community, and a combination of historic charm and modern amenities. Its schools and family-friendly environment make it a highly desirable place to live. Debbie Austin, a top listing agent in Loomis, provides expert guidance to sellers, ensuring smooth transactions and optimal outcomes. With Loomis real estate knowledge of local home values, Debbie Austin helps clients make informed decisions in the Loomis real estate market.

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Buying a Home in

The Loomis housing market is heating up and homes for sale can be tough to navigate on your own. Debbie Austin, a trusted Loomis realtor, offers assistance and local market expertise to help you find your perfect home. Whether you're a homebuyer or an investor, Debbie Austin provides access to exclusive homes for sale in Loomis, ensuring you secure the best property that meets your needs.

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Selling a Home in

Selling a home in Loomis, CA? Get an optimal price when you sell with the best Loomis realtor! Debbie Austin, a top listing agent in Loomis, provides comprehensive marketing strategies and market insights to ensure your property stands out. With a proven track record of selling homes in Loomis, Debbie Austin is dedicated to achieving the highest possible returns for her clients.

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loomis Community

The community in Loomis, CA, is known for its welcoming and tight-knit atmosphere, where neighbors often know each other by name and local events foster a strong sense of togetherness. The area boasts schools, making it an ideal place for families to settle down and thrive. Debbie Austin, a trusted Loomis realtor, understands the value of this vibrant community when helping clients find their perfect homes for sale.

Loomis, CA, is home to a variety of schools that cater to all educational levels, ensuring quality education for its residents. For younger children, Loomis Grammar School and H. Clarke Powers Elementary School provide strong foundational learning. Loomis Basin Charter School offers a unique middle school experience, while Del Oro High School serves as the main high school for older students. Nearby Sierra College provides higher education opportunities, making the area appealing for families and students alike. As a premier listing agent in Loomis, Debbie Austin is well-versed in the local education landscape, helping clients find homes in the community that best suit their family's needs.

Loomis, CA, features a strong job market with top employers like Blue Anchor, Inc., leading the agricultural sector, and the Loomis Basin Brewing Company supporting the local craft beer industry. Many residents work in healthcare, with major employers including Sutter Health and Kaiser Permanente. Additionally, the education sector provides numerous jobs, with the Loomis Union School District being a significant employer. As a seasoned listing agent in Loomis, Debbie Austin Realty understands how these industries influence home values and helps clients make informed real estate decisions.

loomis Lifestyle

Life in Loomis, CA, is characterized by its charming, small-town feel and abundance of outdoor recreational activities. Residents enjoy exploring the scenic trails at Loomis Basin Regional Park, picnicking at Griffith Quarry Park, and participating in community events at the historic Loomis Depot. With a lot of local shops and dining options, those who live in homes in Loomis, experience a vibrant and active lifestyle.

Residents enjoy dining at the High-Hand Cafe, known for its fresh, locally sourced menu, and Red's Bistro, a cozy spot for Italian cuisine. For shopping, Blue Goose Produce offers a delightful selection of local produce and artisanal goods, while the Loomis Basin Brewing Company’s taproom is perfect for craft beer enthusiasts. As a top listing agent in Loomis, Debbie Austin Realty understands the appeal of these local amenities and offers expert advice on selling a home in this vibrant community.

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Loomis, CA, offers a wealth of outdoor and indoor activities for all ages. Residents can enjoy the scenic beauty of Loomis Basin Community Park, ideal for picnics, sports, and hiking. For water-based activities, Folsom Lake provides opportunities for boating, fishing, and swimming. Indoor activities are equally vibrant, with the Blue Goose Event Center hosting cultural events and performances year-round. For those exploring homes for sale in Loomis, these recreational options enhance the community's appeal and provide a rich, fulfilling lifestyle.

Loomis, CA, is a charming town offering a blend of natural beauty, community spirit, and diverse recreational activities. For anyone interested in homes for sale in Loomis, working with Debbie Austin Realty ensures a smooth and personalized real estate experience. As a trusted Loomis realtor, Debbie Austin provides expert guidance, helping both buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals in this delightful community.

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